Blatant Localism: The Mob Museum Is Worth The Wait.

My VegasChatter review of Downtown’s Mob Museum. The design, is at times, brilliant. One of the best deals in town.

Is Downtown’s Mob Museum Worth A Visit?



Blatant Localism: The Griffin Still Sinks its Claws Into The Downtown Vegas Scene

Even more from my series of reviews of Downtown’s bar scene. This time its the Griffin. Yay to mood, jukebox and the fireplaces. Needs more of The Fall. The review is at VegasChatter:

When Winging Through Downtown, Consider The Griffin

The Griffin, Downtown Las Vegas

Blatant Localism: Downtown Cocktail Room Sets The Standard

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Continuing my series of reviews of Downtown’s bar scene, here’s my perspective on D.C.R., the Downtown Cocktail Room: Lost Highway era -David Lynch. The review is at VegasChatter:

D.C.R. Sets The Standard For Downtown Vegas Bars

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing cocktail

Blatant Localism: Mob Bar Hits Downtown Las Vegas.

Last month, Mob Bar opened on Downtown’s 3rd Street, very close to Fremont. How does the gangster gimmick stack up? The first in my series of Downtown bar reviews over at VegasChatter.

Mob Bar Offers You Cocktails (and Food) You Can’t Refuse

The Usual cocktail at Mob bar

Blatant Localism: Drop Some Quarters Into Downtown’s Insert Coin(s)

Insert Coin(s) is the Las Vegas version of Flynn’s from Tron, (1982) and the End of Line Club from, er, Tron, (2010.) Go visit. I did. I’ll go back. Here’s my review.

Insert Coin(s) review at VegasChatter.