Blatant Localism. The Bumbys At The Cosmopolitan.

Anomymous performance artists The Bumbys are in residency at The Cosmpolitan’s P3 Studio. Its on the third floor. They offer typewritten “Fair and Honest Appraisals of Your Appearance.” I received two nine of ten ratings, but also the third reference by a woman since arriving in Las Vegas, that I may have some alignment with Satan. Not sure how to parlay this data to happiness.

The Bumbys Fair and Honest Appraisal Of Me.

The Bumbys Fair and Honest Appraisal Of Me.

Image of the Day: Twenty Eight

Fly to U.S.A. by British Overseas Airways Corporation

Image of the Day: Twenty Seven

Chicago's South Water Street 1943

Image of the Day: Twenty Six

Luis Bunuel regarding Un Chien Andalou. 1929

Image of the Day: Twenty Five

Paris in the Summer

Image of the Day: Twenty Four

Charlie White - The Persuaders. From the series “And Jeopardize the Integrity of the Hull.” 2003

Image of the Day: Twenty Three

Marilyn Monroe in Niagara. 1953

Image of the Day: Twenty Two

Joan Fontaine in Rebecca. 1940

Image of the Day: Twenty One

Gottfried Helnwein. L.A. Confidential (Cops II) 2000

Image of the Day: Twenty

Angie Dickinson and Howard Hawks on set of Rio Bravo. 1959.