In Rotation: Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear?

Single of the year. Easy. And it just shouldn’t be. This is not my scene. Not my bag. But this is the single of the year.


As John Peel used to say of fellow retro-immersives, “a singular vision.”

Nick Waterhouse played Las Vegas in October. Six shows at the Cosmopolitan’s Book & Stage. I attended the first slot. I’m a big fan of Cosmopolitan’s music bookings and have had some great times in concert. But Book & Stage is an odd duck. The sound is great, yet the bands are at an angle and are always in a minor tussle with the casino and patrons for attention. Waterhouse and gang could easily swing a residency here in town. It just felt too shiny and open. I need some locational compression. The band needs to be able to make you sweat.

On Nick’s blog he’s written that the following clip defines what he’s all about. I think its like his personal life’s Instagram-filter is part North Beach Kerouac-sepia and part sunny Newport 1958. Its a good thing.

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