In Rotation: Mark’ll Sink Us-rev ed. 2011

Clocks roll back. Time for a new Fall. Mark E. Smith’s 29th album proper they tell us. Over and over. We are aware.

Ersatz GB production feels thin. The reediness of a Peel Session prevails. The microphone sounds cheap. Snarly Mark. Testy Mark. One take and done it sounds. Couple of stompers. Nate Will Not Return is a worthy winner by a nose.

A live version herein.


Always different. Always the same. This is The Fall.

And now there’s news Mark is back to old tricks. 35 minutes into a Cardiff gig he takes a powder, never to return.

Next year another album. 30 is such nice round number. And nice young lads can head up to Prestwich. Coverage for the Sunday color supplements. Grand day out. First round on you though, cocker.

“The opposite applies.”


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